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Solo money making guide for new and well set players.

I've got this cool solo money making guide I tried and tested.
Fore new players who are new or broke,click on this link here hence including new players in the title.
What businesses you'll need.
Recommended locations (For players who don't have the businesses yet).
If you already own the businesses and properties then you don't have to change from your current locations, except maybe moving your MC Businesses to Sandy Shores if it's in Paleto Bay or Elysian Islands/Terminal and moving your Bunker to Chumash or Farmhouse. This is mainly for players who are looking to buy those properties and businesses.
Note: This is my personal opinion. If you think there's another better location or disagree, then let me know why that's better.
If you already have multiple Special cargo small, medium or large warehouses then stick with the ones you have.
Vehicles you'll need.
1. Buzzard.
2. Bati 801RR.
3. Oppressor MK II (Optional).
4. Cargobob (Optional).
6. Post Op vans (Optional).

The main money making guide tips and steps.

I recommend doing the steps in a solo public session.
This is not only to avoid griefers and tryhards but this guide may spread to the popular GTA online money grinding youtubers such as TheProfessional, Tylerious or maybe even Ghilliemaster and this guide may get very popular that more players will be doing this guide so most likely someone else will be doing a Terrorbyte mission, Sightseer, Headhunter or any other VIP work. See GTA Online Mega Guide thread on how to go in a solo public lobby. Or you can just keep finding a new session until you're in a solo public lobby or in a session your happy with full of friendly players who don't do Terrorbyte client missions, Sightseer and Headhunter. If you want to do the Casino Heist or other jobs then set your MTU back to 1500 otherwise you can't join a heist or other activities with low MTU.
Get the Arcade with the Master Control Terminal.
The Master Control Terminal allows you to buy supplies in one building instead of having to fly to different businesses to resupply. However sell product from the actual businesses location because if you sell from the Master Control Terminal then you'll have to drive or fly to that business to begin selling which could cost valuable time.
Before you start the steps. (If you have a Nightclub).
If you have a nightclub and five technicians then put them on Cargo/Shipments (Hanger), Sporting goods (Bunker), South American imports (Cocaine), Pharmaceuticals (Meth) and Cash Creation (Counterfeit cash). Once Pharmaceuticals and Cash Creation is full then move those technicians to Organic Produce (Weed) and Printing and Copying (Document Forgery). Ignore this part if you don't have a nightclub.
Business battles (Optional).
If your in a lobby with three other players and a business battle starts. You can collect the crate or vehicle with the crates. Once you finished, delivering the product to your nightclub then continue what your doing.
Make sure your nightclub popularity is full. (Optional)
You can make a small profit with the nightclub safe. At any time in the steps if your nightclub popularity is full in the pre step and the the game tells you your safe is $20,000 just go back to your nightclub and book another DJ to make the nightclub popularity full again and wait until the game tells you have $40,000 and re-book another Dj and keep grinding until you reach $60,000. If it reaches $70,000 collect the money straight away and wait until the game tells you, that you have $10,000 in the safe and re-book another DJ and keep repeating this process. Make sure to change DJs every 90 minutes to avoid losing popularity.
Here's the Reddit thread that explains it all.
If you have a Terrorbyte.
Spawn it and start up Import/Export source vehicle or Special cargo missions since it's faster to go in rather than going all the way to your CEO office or Master Control Terminal depending where you are on the map.
Always do Headhunter in Los Santos.
The targets are more closer in Los Santos. Blaine County targets are more spread out so it'll take longer to do it there. Make sure your completely in Los Santos since even starting Headhunter in Vinewood Hills, you'll still get Blaine County targets.
Play in free aim lobbies.
The chances of being attacked or griefed by a tryhard is slightly lower than in auto aim. But they are still plenty of them, just not as much as auto aim. Your more likely to get placed in a peaceful lobby and if you do get attacked by a tryhard or griefer then find a new session since they're just wasting your time and to also protect your cargo since you only lose a little bit when you find a new session or close the application.
Also there's less players on free aim than auto aim so your more likely to find a lobby with less players.
PC only, If you see a modder or a cheater in your session.
Find a new session immediately since they may try to give you cheated money and get you falsely banned. They may also try to grief you with the use of mods.
If nightclub safe is full at $70,000.
Make sure to collect the money ASAP so more money can be stored in the safe.
If your flying a Buzzard or any vehicles or aircraft with homing missiles around in a peaceful lobby.
Make sure to use the homing missiles only when you need to use them such as killing enemy NPCs or Headhunter targets. One you finished using them then switch to the machine guns or non homing mode or the barrage missiles (if your in a Hunter) until you need to use the homing missiles again. This is to stop scaring other players who are in another aircraft or in a vehicle on the ground and it's also to prevent accidental firing of the homing rocket that's locked on to friendly players.
Terrorbyte client missions are quick and easy.
Finishing Targeted Data, Diamond Shopping and Robbery in Progress gets you an easy $31,000 in just 3-4 minutes of work. You'll need a drone station to do Targeted data though.
Stealing supplies is NOT worth it anymore if your Bunker and MC Businesses have full upgrades.
Steal missions take too long to do and it can take up to two or three hours to fill all your businesses. You can do the pre step and step 2 to easily pay off your supplies investment and even make some more money in the two and a half hours period before the businesses and Bunker stops producing due to lack of supplies. Good thing about this Casino heist DLC is that they include the Master Control Terminal where you can buy supplies for your businesses in one place instead of having to drive or fly to different locations.
The only time where I recommend stealing the supplies is when you don't have the upgrades yet on your Bunker or MC Businesses.
If you have an associate in your CEO.
If you have friends or a random person in your CEO, after you finished a Terrorbyte mission, do Point to point and share the money for an extra $5,250. Your associate can get paid well and still have fun grinding. Also if your in an MC then promote your friend or associate to Road Captain so they can use the non weaponized Buzzard or Havok (if they own one).
Don't waste money on junk.
One of the main reasons why players go broke and resort to buying Shark cards or give up on the game altogether. You don't need to own everything in the game and get a Deluxo or the latest supercar just because your friends and "everyone" has one. The clothes you only need are heavy heist vests for classic heists, quad lens helmets and scuba outfit. Supercars are only good for driving around the map and for races but not for missions. You can get around the map faster with a Buzzard. If your gonna buy a super car then buy the one that tops Broughy1322's tests.
The steps below are assuming you have the full day off from school or work and want to grind all day.
Note: The main steps are only if you have the CEO Office, Vehicle Warehouse, Bunker (Fully upgraded), MC Clubhouse, MC Businesses (Coke, Meth and Cash all fully upgraded), Nightclub, Terrorbyte and Arcade with Master Control Terminal. Also the tips below the steps are from my experience of grinding and selling cargo.

Pre step: Buy supplies for your Bunker and MC Businesses.

Make sure they're empty so sell whatever you have before buying supplies. Also set spawn location in the Arcade.
  1. Buy Supplies for your Coke, Meth, Cash and Bunker using the Master Control Terminal in the Arcade.

Step 1: Import/Export method (Best time to money ratio).

  1. Source vehicle.
  2. Sell vehicle.
  3. Do Terrorbyte mission.
  4. Source a vehicle.
  5. Do Terrorbyte mission.
  6. Do Headhunter.
  7. Sell vehicle.
  8. Do Terrorbyte mission.
  9. Source vehicle.
  10. Do Terrorbyte mission.
  11. Do Headhunter.
  12. Sell vehicle.
  13. Do Terrorbyte mission.
  14. Repeat 8-13 or move to step 2.
Import/Export sell tips.
Tips for vehicle sourcing missions, read this thread.

Step 2: Special cargo method. (Optional)

Special cargo method with a warehouse. It's only if you want to mix things up a bit since doing the same I/E method over again can be efficient but boring.
  1. Steal three crates.
  2. Do Terrorbyte mission.
  3. Steal three crates.
  4. Do Terrorbyte mission.
  5. Steal another three crates. You should have nine after you delivered those crates.
  6. Do Terrorbyte mission.
  7. Do one cycle of the I/E method above. (Do 1-5 on the Step 2: Import/Export method).
  8. Sell crates or continue filling up the warehouse.
  9. Repeat 1-8.
  10. (Optional) If continuing filling up the warehouse, repeat 1-9. (You don't have to do the cycle again but it's up to you if you want to)
  11. Sell the crates.
  12. Do Terrorbyte mission.
After finishing a source mission.
If you go the vehicle mission then do Headhunter then do a Terrorbyte mission. If you get vehicle missions back to back and Headhunter's still cooling down then simply do a Terrorbyte mission and source another three crates. If you got a three crate pickup mission, then just do a Terrorbyte mission and source another crate after.
Special cargo tips.
For more tips with special cargo read this thread.

Step 3: Selling the Bunker and MC Product.

This is a solo method on how to do MC Businesses and Bunker 100% solo.
Sourcing and selling top range cars after selling the MC product and disbanding MC and registering as CEO.Read before doing step 3.
Step 3.
  1. Sell Coke.
  2. Disband MC and register as CEO and steal a top range vehicle and sell straight away.
  3. Sell Meth.
  4. Steal top range vehicle and sell.
  5. Sell Cash.
  6. Steal top range car and sell.
  7. Sell the Bunker.
  8. Steal top range car and sell.
Fast step 3 (If your short on time and need to do something else).
  1. Sell Coke.
  2. Sell Meth.
  3. Sell Cash.
  4. Sell Bunker.
What you'll get when buying one batch of supplies for you Bunker and MC Businesses (Coke, Meth and Cash).
Note: This is with the Equipment and Staff upgrades.
Bunker and MC Business sell tips.
For more info about the MC Businesses.
Solo Post OP van tips.
I Know people give up on the MC Businesses all because of the Post OP aka Slow OP vans and I can understand why since the vans are very slow and the drops are far apart but reading this will give you confidence to do the MC Businesses again.
This Post OP Van tips are based off having the Sandy Shores/Grand Senora Desert MC Businesses.

Step 4 (Optional): Continue doing the step 1 I/E cycle or Step 2 Crates cycle.

If you don't want to do this part for whatever reason then skip to step 5.

Step 5: Selling the Nightclub.

Once you finish doing Step 3 or Step 4 then it's time to sell the Nightclub.
  1. Sell all the product via the special orders for a bonus if there is no special orders then sell all.
  2. Source and sell top range Import/Export vehicle.
  3. Do Terrorbyte mission.
  4. Do Headhunter.
  5. If there's money in both the Arcade and Nightclub safe, just collect it, also go to the Casino and spin the wheel.
  6. Wait for the game to auto save and you should be done for the day.

Alternative steps.

Simple method. (For players who don't have lots of time to play but still want to do the steps). Step 2 is not needed.
  1. Do the pre step.
  2. Do Step 1.
  3. Keep repeating Step 1 I/E cycle until the two and a half hour timer is up.
  4. Do fast step 3.
  5. Once you sold the MC Businesses then sell nightclub and you should be done for the day.
Simple Sightseer, Headhunter and Terabyte client mission cycle. (Best to do in an invite only session).
  1. Find a car and sell to Los Santos Customs.
  2. Start Headhunter.
  3. Do Terabyte client mission.
  4. Do Sightseer.
  5. Do Headhunter.
  6. Do Terabyte client mission.
  7. Do Sightseer.
  8. Do Headhunter.

AFK Solo Method.

What you'll need.
Steps for AFK solo method.
  1. Buy supplies for Bunker, Coke, Meth and Cash using the Master Control Terminal in the Arcade. With the Nightclub, set the five technicians to South American Imports, Cargo and Shipments, Pharmaceutical Research, Sporting Goods and Cash Creation first.
  2. Now start an easy contact mission in your apartment and go to the couch where the in game TV is and watch it. Once you sit down, then press the right D-Pad to make sure your watching the in game TV otherwise you may get kicked out due to idling or you could stay indoors and rubberband the right thumbstick so the camera moves in circles. Starting a contact mission and doing this AFK method means you won't pay utility bills and you cannot get raided, on top of that you won't lose any Nightclub popularity.
  3. Keep controller charging.
  4. Leave the console or PC on but turn off your real life TV or monitor your using to play the game. If your playing on you real life TV then you can change channels and watch what program you like.
  5. Do whatever you want outside the game such as school, work or whatever things you need to do, you can even leave your console/PC on overnight if you want.
  6. When your ready to comeback, turn your TV/monitor on and finish the contact mission. If South American Imports and Pharmaceutical Research is full then assign the two other technicians to Organic Produce and Printing and Copying since there's seven types of product and there's only five technicians to collect them assuming you bought all of the technicians. If South American Imports and Pharmaceutical Research isn't full yet then continue to AFK until they're filled up or you can also sell MC Businesses and Nightclub at this point if you want or otherwise continue to number 7.
  7. Once South American Imports and Pharmaceutical Research is finally full, set technicians to Organic Produce and Document Forgery. Start another easy contact mission to AFK again.
  8. Now once Organic Produce and Printing and Copying is filled up (takes 26.6 and 15 hours respectively to fill up), you can either sell the Bunker and MC Businesses or continue to AFK until Sporting Goods and Cargo and Shipments fill up. (Scroll up and follow step 3 or fast step 3 while selling the Bunker and MC Businesses).
  9. Repeat 1-6 or 1-8.
Additional AFK tips.

If board from doing the steps.

Grinding the same steps over and over again can get boring overtime.
For more info on CEO, Special Cargo, Vehicle Cargo, Casino Heist, Bunker, MC Businesses, Nightclub and Hanger then visit the GTA Online Mega Guide Thread. (Note: I already posted the same link earlier but I'll post it again to save time from Scrolling up).
I may edit this guide in case I missed something, made a mistake or you have great suggestions that I should write down. Let me know in the comments what you think. Also ask more questions in the comments section and I'll try my best to respond.
I've checked the GTA Online mega thread before posting this and spent plenty of hours testing this guide.
This guide was made by myself a passionate solo grinder.
submitted by xInfected_Virus to u/xInfected_Virus [link] [comments]

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