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Live casino gambling (in-person) is heavily restricted in India. Only two states allow casino gambling, Goa and Sikkim. Currently, those who wish to play table games or slots legally have just over a dozen choices—one land-based casino in Sikkim and seven in Goa, plus five floating casinos on the Mandovi River. Although gaming opportunities are strictly limited to bricks and mortar The first prize stands at 1 crore and for you to win the reward, you’ll have to match all the five numbers drawn. 3) Thursday Super Lotto. The Thursday Super Lottery draw takes place each Thursday of the week beginning from 10 to 10.30 pm. This Supper Lotto is drawn live on the Zee Zing TV Channel. It comes with a starting first prize award To play and win this lotto you need to match 6 numbers. If no player succeeds to match the numbers, the jackpot amount will roll and will continue to do so for 5 weeks. After this period the prize pool will be divided among several players subjected to their matching numbers To play UK Lotto and other thrilling international lotteries, register your online lottery account today. EuroMillions Thunderball: Announced every Tuesday on the Zee Zing TV channel, Thunderball has seven prize tiers and a minimum first prize of 1 crore with rollover to lower prize tiers if no one claims a first prize ticket. Jaldi 5 Double: This Wednesday lottery has winners announced on the Zee 24 Taas TV channel. Players must match up to five numbers and first prize is 1 just like Thunderball also a In the event you win, the prize money is directly deposited to the casino account online. From your casino account, In order to play and win at EuroMillions, you must create an account at one of the numerous lottery websites listed by us online. You can then choose5 numbers ranging from 1 till 50 as well as 2 Lucky Star numbers ranging from 1 till 12. To be a winner of the jackpot, you The draws for this lottery are announced every Tuesday on Zee Zing TV channel. Jaldi 5 Double If you have proven to be unlucky on a Tuesday, then you can always look forward to the draws for this lottery Zee 24 Taas TV channel on Wednesday. The jackpot is earned if you are able to match five numbers with the first prize a cool Rs.1 crore. Thursday Super Lotto As the name suggests, the draws The whole of the drawing session is televised and broadcasted live on the channel Zee Zing. International players can also play the Thursday Super Lotto by using the services of a lottery agent. These people buy the tickets on your behalf and can also claim prizes for you. However, you first need to win a prize in the Thursday Super Lotto before you worry about claiming. The key is to select

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